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It wasn’t a long ago that I was living unfulfilled life…

After receiving my master’s degree in law, I started to work in public service offices and then moved to work for the Government. Although I had “good” jobs, something was missing. I wasn’t fulfilled and after a short period of time when I would learn everything about a particular job, I would lose motivation and started to look for alternatives.

Then I moved to a different country, where I had to start from the beginning, so I took the first job that I could find there. It was a repetitive office job that drove me crazy. I was really frustrated there but didn’t see the way out, so I kept going to work.

Although I had a legal background, I’ve had always been interested in personal development, so every free moment that I had I was reading personal development books and listening to different motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, and scientists. When I started to apply everything that I learned, something shifted and my whole perspective changed. I realized there’s much more to life than I’ve ever been taught.

I wanted to spend more time on purpose, doing something meaningful and making a difference in the lives of others while not being restricted by time and finances. And then I finally got the courage to quit my 9-5 job.

I realized how powerful our mind was, and how our subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that we acquired in our early childhood affected our behaviors and decisions, and ultimately our lives, so I had a strong desire for sharing my knowledge with the world but didn’t know how. So, I kept learning, buying courses and attending seminars and then I finally decided to build my own website (without prior tech knowledge and experience) and started a blog Power of an Open Mind to share with my audience all the great information that I learned along the way.

Was I scared? Yes! Was I in doubt? Yes! I kept asking myself What if it doesn’t work? What if I fail? Am I good enough? How would I make money? But the decision was made, going back to the 9-5 job wasn’t an option anymore.

I had reached a point in my life where I needed to make a change. I had to get rid of my own limiting beliefs as they were holding me back and I knew that I would never be able to have the life I wanted if I carried on the way I was.

I joined an online business education platform and from there my life took a completely new direction. When I started to work on the Internet, I discovered the whole new world with tons of different opportunities and fellow entrepreneurs that were always happy to help.

Not long after, I started to partner with global personal development and success education company that was creating their own online courses and organizing live events in exotic locations around the world.

All these knowledge and experiences that I acquired along the way have naturally brought me to the point where I realized that my purpose was to inspire, educate & empower fellow entrepreneurs and those who are ready for a change in their lives to unlock their full potential and start living their dream lives.


What I can help you with


  • Guide you to find your life’s passion/purpose
  • Help you to turn your passion into an online business
  • Help you to up-level your mindset 
  • Guide you to discover your limiting beliefs that are holding you back and replace them with empowering ones so you can start seeing new opportunities and create success in your business and life
  • Help you to set up your goals and walk you through the process of achieving your goals, giving you step-by-step instructions, guidance and support
  • Help you with self-love, self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Teach you how to attract your dream clients
  • Blog/social media advice
  • & much more


Who I work with

I work with open minded people with can-do attitude, people that believe in themselves, people that believe that anything is possible, go-getters that are willing to work on themselves and action takers that are committed to create their dream lives.

If this sounds like you, I want to invite you to apply for a FREE 30-minute discovery session with me.

If we are in alignment, I will work with you 1-on-1 to help you with the clarity, mindset and accountability you need to achieve results you want and deserve.

I look forward to working with you.


"The shortest way to achieve your goals is to invest in your personal development."​
Blanka Carevic
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I worked with Blanka due to low self- confidence and self-worth issues. After only one week of working together, I started seeing big changes. I was able to easily say "NO" which I couldn't do before. I started to value my time more and set up new prices (I used to lower the price of my service). I set up clear boundaries. It was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Blanka is also great in pointing out where the real problem is. She is a great listener and is very supportive. I would highly recommend her, and I am definitely going to continue working with her. Thank you, Blanka!​
Rahela Vukusic Drusko
Business Strategist​

I believe that every person has their own life purpose and my mission is to help you find yours.

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