My 3-month signature 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you reprogram your mind and raise your energy so that you can tap into the best version of yourself and create success in your business and life.

This is a personalized coaching program. The structure is the same, but content will be tailored according to your gifts, talents and personal needs, because everyone is unique and needs a different approach in order to achieve great results.

What will we cover?

• Setting goals and creating an action plan
• Aligning your beliefs and values with your goals
• Understanding and balancing your thoughts and emotions
• The power of focus
• Raising your energy and connecting with your higher self
• Following your intuition & synchronicities
• Self-love and self-worth
• Daily mindset & energy routine
• Becoming the best version of yourself
• Reprogramming your mind for success
• Building and branding your business that’s authentic to you
• Mapping out your personalized business strategy
• Sharing your story and creating content from your heart
• Defining and attracting your dream clients

What it includes?

• 10 x 1-hour coaching calls (Zoom)
• PDF materials (worksheets and exercises)
• All my tips, techniques and experience
• Personalized strategy tailored to your needs
• E-mail support

You also get a BONUS – chose between:

• 2 x 1-hour coaching calls on any topic that you want
• Landing page for your business

What is the outcome?

• Ability to control your thoughts and emotions
• Better relationship with yourself and others
• Feeling happier and freer regardless of your current circumstances
• Feeling inspired and empowered
• Better intuition
• More energy
• Reduced stress
• Fulfillment
• More confidence
• New habits
• Business set up
• Business growth as a result of your personal growth
• Say goodbye to the old you, and hello to the NEW YOU!



*Payment plan available


Ready to transform your life?


If you are serious and want me to help you transform your mindset and raise your energy to become the best version of yourself so you can start creating success in your business and life, let’s make this happen.

Get personal attention every week, tools and tips specific to your needs at the time you need them and personal accountability to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Book your call below and let’s have a chat and see if we are the right fit!


Blanka's coaching is thorough, concise and very professional. She has helped to change my whole outlook on my business in a way that I know will now move me forward faster than ever into new and exciting territory. I have also learnt skills such as time management, making a business plan, goal setting, and little known Facebook techniques to gain more followers, likes and potential customers. But, one of the most amazing things I learnt from Blanka is the importance of mindset, and how the right kind of thinking is the most powerful weapon you have in obtaining all your dreams and desires whatever they may be. She helps you to understand your own mind, unraveling past issues that may be holding you back and giving you techniques to help dissolve them. By the end of her outstanding program you will feel like a changed person; more confident and ready to take on the world by storm 🙂
Stefanie Taylor
Blogger & Plant Based Diet Coach

Blanka has sharp skills in connection with our conscious and subconscious mind as well as how we should think as far as our business mindset goes! As someone in a similar area of work, I really like her thorough approach to our mind and how our mind works. Blanka helped me overcome some blocks from my early childhood I wasn't aware of. She also helped me set up personal and professional goals with great persistence! I am really happy to have her by my side and I'm looking forward to our next call!
Filip Racic
Confidence Coach

I worked with Blanka due to low self- confidence and self-worth issues. After only one week of working together, I started seeing big changes. I was able to easily say "NO" which I couldn't do before. I started to value my time more and set up new prices (I used to lower the price of my service). I set up clear boundaries. It was absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Blanka is also great in pointing out where the real problem is. She is a great listener and is very supportive. I would highly recommend her, and I am definitely going to continue working with her. Thank you, Blanka!
Rahela Vukusic Drusko
Business Strategist